Dahlene Qama

Property Management

When people hear that Dahlene Qama began working in real estate over three decades ago, their first reaction is usually to raise an eyebrow and to wonder whether it would be rude to ask what brand of skin care products she uses!

However, once they learn that she actually started at the ripe old age of 8 years old, (assisting in her father’s office on a Saturday), then moving into a full time career at 19 years of age, people soon come to appreciate the level of experience and industry knowledge that backs up the advice and guidance she provides her clients with today. Indeed, having built a reputation as a trusted advisor that extends across state boundaries, Dahlene is ideally placed to make a real difference to the results her clients achieve in their property dealings.

A caring and highly approachable property professional who takes real pleasure in making a difference to the lives of the people she assists, whether it is utilizing her well-developed negotiation skills to turn a good tenancy into a great investment.

Dahlene has developed new departments and implemented up to date technology, trained Property Managers throughout Australia, written best practice procedures and policies in Property Management, managed assets worth millions of dollars and assisted in the growth of businesses.

With Dahlene Qama and the trusted name of Ray White standing by your side, you can look forward to a tenancy that is as financially rewarding as it is stress-free.